AVIAGE SYSTEMS Participated in the 4th CAOSTIF

The Fourth Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum (CAOSTIF) were held on October 21st and 22nd in Chengdu. More than 90 enterprises including OEM, MRO shops, Suppliers of Equipment, Tools and Aviation Materials and 15 domestic Airlines, with a total of more than 240 attendees have participated in this annual event. Meeting topics included Chinese fleets’ Aircraft Operation and Support, Passenger to Freighter Conversion, Aviation Materials Effective Management and Digital Solutions to improve safety and efficiency.

Justin Min, Vice President (Marketing and Business Development) of AVIAGE SYSTEMS gave a speech on the topic of Avionics MRO Capability and Quality Control System Building in China. China is the growth engine of Asian MRO market. It is estimated that by 2029, China’s MRO expense will double to 18 billion US dollars, which will present 16% of the total global MRO market at that point. It will be the largest and fastest-growing nation in the Asia Region. However due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, lots of China operators are facing the challenges of avionics maintenance, like Longer TAT and Lead Time, negative impact on the trade and more time on transportation and customs clearance. How to better serve customers and aircraft operation locally is a hot topic on this meeting.

As the only Boeing 787 Core Computing System (CCS) MRO shop in China, AVIAGE SYSTEMS started to establish MRO business since 2018 and received CCAR-145 certification in June 2019. Now AVIAGE SYSTEMS is authorized to provide for both in and out of warranty arising related to specified parts fitted to the Boeing 787 aircraft and operated by Chinese Carriers. In this January FAA also officially accepted AVIAGE SYSTEMS’ application for FAR-145 certification and the remote audit is expected to be completed by the end of this year or early next year.

With expertise in IMA, equipped with advanced test labs and repair stations, having a strong team of 300 engineers, AVIAGE SYSTEMS starts the MRO business from Boeing 787 avionics products, and also is now closely working with COMAC to get ready for the C919 avionics MRO. With support and guidance of Civil Aviation Administration of China, AVIAGE SYSTEMS will continuously improve internal processes and quality control to well support China airlines and OEMs.

"In the 2-day meeting, we’ve learned more about MRO industry in China and also heard the voices of China customers, who have strong needs of local avionics maintenance service and spare parts inventory. With the experiences on ARJ21 operation and maintenance, we expect the rapid growth of capabilities in aircraft manufacturing, operation and maintenance in China. We will be fully prepared to support the China’s growth and ensure the success of customers." David Yu, Operations Director, AVIAGE SYSTEMS said.

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