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At AVIAGE SYSTEMS, we have a highly talented and dedicated AAM team to create cutting-edge products and solutions while having the specific demands for AAM in mind. The current AVIAGE SYSTEMS portfolio of products and solutions including avionics, flight control, support and service. As the collaboration with OEMs becomes more extensive and deeper, more product and service will be launched soon.


Avionics Solution

By leveraging our expertise and experience on commercial aircraft’s Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) product and multiple avionics systems (package level) integration and certification, we bring AAM market an advanced avionics solution to support OEMs complete the development, integration and certification from module level, platform level to system level.

The solution includes the features and benefits as below:

Highly integrated and modular design to reduce number of avionics LRUs and wirings
The size, weight and power of avionics can be greatly reduced comparing with traditional integrated avionics solution. With functions being integrated into common modules, the wiring length and weight can be reduced as well.
Open architecture to support multiple applications hosting
Applications with different security levels can be hosted on the same computing module, such as BMS, OMS, FMS, DS, etc. Open architecture also provide OEM greater flexibility for make-or-buy decision as applications can be provided by different suppliers or even by OEM itself.
Open architecture to reduce dependence on a single supplier
Thanks again to open architecture, OEM now can drive for better module or software reuse and reduce the risk of hardware obsolesce.
High scalability and extendibility to support different aircraft models
With the open architecture, and highly configurable I/O and network, the avionics architecture can be flexible adjusted based on the needs for different aircraft models.
Easy-to-use and complete toolchain
Easy-to-use and complete toolchain to ensure application development efficiently and independently.



Flight Control Solution

Based on rich experiences on development and certification of high integrity computer, AVIAGE SYSTEMS provides a compact flight control computer which aims to meet the AAM market’s specific need such as smaller and lighter. At the same time, AVIAGE SYSTEMS also aims to work with OEMs and other strategic partners to develop the complete flight control system.

AVIAGE SYSTEMS compact flight control computer mainly contain the below features:

Module-level high integrity
Support AAM highest Design Assurance Level (DAL) data integrity (10-9/FH).
Dissimilar design
Robust common mode failure protection.
Capable to host A653 compliant applications
Meet integration needs now and in the future, such as autopilot.
Complete toolchain
Support model based development from model to software.
Maximum flexibility and scalability
Support simplex/duplex/triplex redundancy, Backup Flight Control Computer (BFCC) as needed.
Highly configurable I/O modules
Support for various flight control system architectures and device interconnection needs.



Support and Service

No matter for product and solution of avionics or flight control, based on strong capabilities on integrated and verification from module to system level, AVIAGE SYSTEMS can provide OEMs and suppliers with complete lab and simulation platform, system integration and verification service and airworthiness certification support.

Specifically includes:

System integration and verification
AVIAGE SYSTEMS has the ability to support OEMs to complete system-level and even aircraft-level integration and verification. Complete toolchain and system simulation model can help OEMs improve the efficiency of integration and verification, thus reduce certification risk and accelerate certification process. At the same time, localized R&D and support teams can ensure more efficiently communication and cooperation with OEMs and suppliers.
Multi-layer lab and toolchain
AVIAGE SYSTEMS can provide different levels of integrated test platform, to meet customer needs from module (hardware/software) level to subsystem and system level. At the same time, the complete toolchain can support users to develop efficiently and conveniently on the test platform.
Simulation and Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) test platform
AVIAGE SYSTEMS can provide hardware simulation and system simulation models. Also we can support OEMs to integrate simulations and real hardware to build HIL test platform, such as flight control system simulation and test platform.
Airworthiness certification support
Our localized team and proven experience in airworthiness certification, will help OEMs greatly reduce certification risks and better cope with problems and challenges encountered in the airworthiness certification process.



Industry Collaboration to Elevate the Future of Flight

Few sectors of aerospace are as fast-paced as AAM, more convenient transportation and more diversified lifestyles give every participant unlimited space for imagination. AVIAGE SYSTEMS is willing to collaborate with innovators and pioneers in such an emerging market to elevate the future of flight together.

We believe there are some unique values can be provided, which are also highly recognized by our customers:

High adaptability on both technologies and program/business with local team and support to success together with customers.
Proven commercial aircraft’s system development and certification capabilities to accelerate type certification and reduce risk.
Competitive SWaP with modular and open architecture to reduce design, maintenance and change cost.
Scalable and extendable to meet demands for current program and future air taxi.
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AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) .

Building on a historic partnership between two world-leading aerospace companies, AVIAGE SYSTEMS aims to elevate the future of flight by unleashing our world-class talent, cutting-edge innovation and powerful partnerships.