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-Application development, training & consulting service based on low-code platform
-Engineering tools maintenance and training service
-IT infrastructure & Information Security Service


Application development, training & consulting service based on low-code platform

Drive the flexible, efficient and safe implementation of business and become a powerful accelerator for enterprise digital transformation

What is low-code platform

Low-code is a platform that requires little coding effort and helps users simplify the application development process through visual drag-and-drop tools, predefined modules and components, auto-generated code, and other accessibility features.

How to select low-code platform

-Local technology, independent and controllable
-Reasonable usage cost
-Meet enterprise-level performance, scalability and security requirements
-Local deployment, non-cloud solution

Customer Value

Saving 50%+ development cost
Build development skill of team members & saving maintenance cost
Flexible, fast, easy to update
Seamless integration with existing application systems

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Engineering tools maintenance and training service for aerospace industry

-Windchill upgrade and data migration
-Windchill document, code, IP export control
-Windchill full-text search and knowledge management
-Windchill change management
-Windchill component classification
-Windchill configuration & workflow development
-MES implementation & maintenance based on Oracle EBS
-MRO implementation based on Oracle EBS

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IT infrastructure & information security service

IT infrastructure service

Reduce system complexity and improve system synergy through standardization, thereby reducing management and maintenance costs. Understand specific business needs, be driven by needs, avoid blindly "technology for technology's sake", and increase investment returns. Prospectively consider the scalability of information system infrastructure capacity and balance flexibility and stability. Continuously improve as business needs change.

Information security service

- In-depth and detailed information security risk assessment
- Data security management through technical means
- Establish an information security operation and maintenance system
- System vulnerability scanning and improvement suggestions
- Employee information security awareness training and targeted testing

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