AVIAGE SYSTEMS delivers C-ASR to China Express

September 6, 2022, Chongqing - AVIAGE SYSTEMS team successfully delivered the Cockpit Automatic Speech Recognition (C-ASR) to China Express. After nearly 2 months of cooperation between AVIAGE SYSTEMS and China Express, the deployment preparation and customization of C-ASR have been completed. After testing, the interface of the system works normally, and the SOP judgment result meets the operation requirements, which indicates that the C-ASR is officially put into the actual operation of China Express.

During the Zhuhai Air Show in 2021, AVIAGE SYSTEMS and Chine Express signed MoU of cooperation in the construction of cockpit voice system informatization. In March 2022, based on the previous cooperation foundation, the two parties formally signed a purchase agreement for C-ASR.

The C-ASR uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically identify the cockpit voice recorded by QACVR during the key stages of airline flight, and convert the conversation between the captain and the co-pilot, the crew and the tower into text. Automatically analyze the execution of flight checklists and standard calls, and generate configurable SOP compliance reports and overall fleet execution analysis reports. It provides a customizable user interface for airlines to query and manage reports, which can greatly improve the efficiency of airline safety supervision, help airlines improve standard calling and flight operation procedures, comprehensively evaluate the quality of cockpit voice SOP implementation, and solve problems. QACVR voice data application area is narrow, the extraction rate is low, related statistical dimensions and monitoring items are incomplete, and at the same time, it assists flight quality analysis and unsafe incident investigation, providing a strong guarantee for the safety management system.

"AVIAGE SYSTEMS is committed to developing innovative solutions to help airlines improve operational efficiency and enhance the flight experience in all aspects." said Justin Min, Vice President of AVIAGE SYSTEMS, "Chine Express is a leader in domestic regional aviation, and we are delighted to be able to partner with Chine Express to jointly promote the construction of cockpit voice informatization, and promote the experience to all civil aviation to enhance flight safety."

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