AVIAGE SYSTEMS @ 2024 AIF, Showcases the Capability on Multi-Core Technology in Civil Avionics
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From May 29th to 30th, 2024, the 13th Annual Avionics International Forum (AIF) was held in Shanghai. The forum brought together experts, scholars, and industry representatives from around the world to discuss the cutting-edge development and application of avionics technology. Mr. Tony Baghai, KTA of Airworthiness at AVIAGE SYSTEMS and FAA DER, was invited to deliver a fascinating speech on the topic of "Airworthiness Challenges and Approach of Multi-Core Technology in Civil Avionics" on site.



Starting from the trend of the evolution from single-core processors to multi-core processors in avionics, Tony B. pointed out the challenges of multi-core technology in airworthiness certification and shared effective technical approaches to address these challenges. During his speech, he conducted an in-depth analysis of industry guidance documents CAST-32A and AMC20-193 for multi-core processor airworthiness, and their corresponding relationships between airworthiness objectives and implementation stages. He also proposed six key analysis steps to meet the airworthiness requirements of multi-core technology. Finally, Tony B. shared AVIAGE SYSTEMS best practices for interference analysis and safety analysis regarding multi-core technology, fully demonstrating AVIAGE SYSTEMS technical strength in this area. Tony’s speech attracted the attention and enthusiastic response of the attendees.


As one of the world's leading avionics companies, AVIAGE SYSTEMS is committed to promoting innovation and development in civil avionics. The company will continue to strengthen research and development efforts for new products and technologies, actively explore advanced avionics solutions for the future, and make greater contributions to the sustainability and intelligence of the civil aviation industry and low-altitude economy.

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