CAFUC Partners with AVIAGE SYSTEMS for New-Type Civil Airborne Fire Protection System
2020-12-11Shanghai, China
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The Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) has signed a contract with AVIAGE SYSTEMS to develop New-Type Civil Airborne Fire Protection System. Under the contract, AVIAGE SYSTEMS will provide avionics solutions and lab products to support the research and development.

Founded in 1956, CAFUC is a university under the direct leadership of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). It is known as the "Cradle of Chinese Civil Aviation Pilots" and is also a key scientific research base for civil aviation flight technology and aviation safety in China. In 2020 CAFUC was granted as the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province of Civil Aircraft Fire Science and Safety Engineering, and the new airborne fire protection system for civil aircraft is one of the strategic research areas of the lab. Since AVIAGE SYSTEMS signed the strategic cooperation MOU with CAFUC in January 2019, the two parties have discussed on multiple R&D projects and finally decide the development of the airborne fire protection system to be the first joint project. As a supplier and integrator of the C9 9 core avionics system, AVIAGE SYSTEMS have strong expertise and best practice in the integration of avionics systems, laboratory deployment, and airworthiness certification, which CAFUC can take advantage of.

“Fire protection technology for civil aircraft is the key research area of China's civil aviation mid- and long-term strategy. The intelligent solutions will be the future development direction for the new-type airborne fire protection system. We will work with partners to accelerate its development and commercialization,” Prof. Yuanhua He, Dean of the Safety Engineering School, CAFUC said.

"AVIAGE SYSTEMS and CAFUC have the same goal to make flight safer, and to improve the safety and compatibility of civil avionics product. The cooperation with CAFUC is a win-win collaboration, we both can learn from each other," Dr. Zhiqiang Zhu, Executive Vice President of AVIAGE SYSTEMS commented.

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