AVIAGE SYSTEMS Has Launched First China-made Boeing 787 QACVR
2020-06-03Shanghai, China

AVIAGE SYSTEMS and Shenzhen Donica Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has recently signed an exclusive cooperation agreement, and jointly launched the first QACVR (Quick Access to Cockpit Voice Recorder) for Boeing 787. In future AVIAGE SYSTEMS and Donica will work together to develop the global QACVR market.

Quick Access Cockpit Voice Recorder (QACVR) is an on-board device that records cockpit voice for a long period of time. It can easily access and store cockpit audio information with synchronized clock information. Once the aircraft has landed, it can quickly on ground playback and export audio data to provide timely and reliable support for flight management. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has suggested airlines in China to use QACVR equipment for audio data management, to enhance fleets operation and flight safety management. But for 787, there was no QACVR product available in China market because it uses ARINC 664 network rather than the traditional analog audio interface.

As an integrator of C919 core avionics and the only CAAC certified 787 IMA MRO shop in China, AVIAGE SYSTEMS is with the full knowledge of ARINC664 data bus and network configuration. Donica is one of the first domestic companies introduced QACVR product to the market, and now their products have been installed on more than 1000 aircrafts of 21 airlines, covering Boeing 737、757、767; Airbus A320、A330; Embraer ERJ190 and Bombardier CRJ900. Since early 2019, AVIAGE SYSTEMS and Donica have started co-developing the first QACVR for 787, which can complete the conversion of ARINC 664 data to ARINC 429 audio data and enable the analysis of data transmitted by optical fiber. The prototype was finished at the end of December 2019 and passed ground testing on a 787 aircraft. Now it is applying for certification, which will be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

"Cooperation with Donica to launch the first QACVR for Boeing 787 is another breakthrough for AVIAGE SYSTEMS," said George Chang, President and CEO of AVIAGE SYSTEMS, "our business strategy is to solve customers’ pain points with full capabilities of R&D and manufacturing here in China. We will continue to provide solutions and products to help airlines to improve flight safety.”

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