AVIAGE SYSTEMS signs GTA with AMECO on component level repair

Aug 22th, 2022, AVIAGE SYSTEMS and Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation (AMECO, controlled by AIR CHINA) officially signed General Terms Agreement (GTA) on component level repair. The purpose of this GTA is to provide framework between AVIAGE SYSTEMS and AMECO:

1. AMECO formally designates AVIAGE SYSTEMS’ MRO station as qualified repair shop;

2. AVIAGE SYSTEMS provides repair service to AMECO including test, repair, modification and overhaul with short TAT and high quality; 

3. Both parties collaborate on defining specific repair items and executing repair activities accordingly.


This GTA is depending on the collaborative team work in past 9 months from Legal, BLU, Finance and Operations. After signing repair GTA with Hainan Airline in 2020, the corporation with AMECO on repair business is another great initiative in the service strategy of AVIAGE SYSTEMS. AMECO is designated aircraft maintenance company by Air China which is top 3 airline company in China. Air China owns 14 aircrafts in B787 fleet and 53 aircrafts in A330 fleet which will potentially bring repair business to AVIAGE SYSTEMS MRO station on GPM, RDC, FOX and DCDU. It is a major footprint during deployment of service strategy for AVIAGE SYSTEMS. 

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