AVIAGE SYSTEMS Becomes a FAA and CAAC Certified Repair Station
2021-02-20Shanghai, China

After a three-day video meeting, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finished the audit of AVIAGE SYSTEMS repair station, which was the first Video and Communication Technology (VCT) audit in 2021 in China. With 0 finding, AVIAGE SYSTEMS has successfully passed the audit and officially received the Air Agency Certificate on February 20th from FAA. Now it becomes a repair station for avionics with both CAAC and FAA certificates.

The China's First FAA VCT New Application Project in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the formal FAA audit originally scheduled in last April at AVIAGE SYSTEMS was cancelled. And FAA only allowed the approved repair stations to conduct audits through the Video and Communication Technology (VCT) last year. With proactive communication with FAA, the trust and recognition built during pre-audit, AVIAGE SYSTEMS was selected to be the first repair station to have the final Performance Assessment (PA) audit through VCT in China, and the time locked in January 2021.

Before the formal review, AVIAGE SYSTEMS MRO team has made full preparations. During the 3-day audit meeting, FAA officers strictly followed their processes, finished the verification of 12 inspection areas and people evaluation. The VCT audit closed smoothly and AVIAGE SYSTEMS has been highly recognized by the FAA officers.

Grow MRO Services with FAA and CAAC Certificates

Since received the CCAR-145 certificate in June 2019, AVIAGE SYSTEMS is currently the only Boeing 787 Core Computing System (CCS) Repair Station also with FAA certificate in China, and it is the only GE authorized Repair Station in Asia Pacific. Therefore, we can provide MRO services to B787 fleet, no matter it operates domestic or international flights. China customer can now complete CCS components inspection, testing, maintenance and modification without going abroad. AVIAGE SYSTEMS started to provide MRO services to Xiamen Airlines and Hainan Airlines in 2019, and recently has received its first international repair order from AJW Group for 787 GPM (General Processing Module), which is now on the way to the repair station. It will return with FAA authorized release certificate after finishing the inspection and testing within turnaround time.

"With FAA certification, AVIAGE SYSTEMS can now enter the international MRO market. High quality and safety, satisfying customer needs, and continuous improvement, with these focus areas, I believe our MRO business will go further." Zhu Zhiqiang, Executive Vice President of AVIAGE SYSTEMS commented.

About Us

AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) .

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