[ IRC4852 ] Performance & Process Excellence Specialist
Shanghai, China发布时间:1 月前

Brief Description:

  • This role is tosupport program & product manager on two major aspects, which requirescross-function collaboration:
  • •Program& product related process/procedure/work instruction generation,optimization and deployment.
  • •Program& product related schedule, budget/cost management, as well as performancemeasurement, analysis and improvement.


  • Leadand coordinate with cross functions on program and product life-cycle relatedprocesses/procedures/work instructions/template/guidance generating andoptimizing.
  • Leadand coordinate with cross functions on Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and allassociated schedules and budget baseline set up, maintenance and monitor.
  • Coordinatewith cross functions on program & product management related reportsgeneration and analysis.
  • Complywith necessary regulations in the reporting process using knowledge ofapplicable statutory and other reporting requirements.
  • Supportpresentation to program and product team, management team and customers perstakeholder’s requirement.
  • Supporton integrating customer/supplier plans and schedules.
  • Developspecial ad-hoc studies and analysis as required by program and productmanagement needs.
  • Supportschedule re-plan during program/product gates review, approve, implementationand maintain.
  • Assiston bringing agile methodology to program and product team.
  • Assiston program critical path & milestone prediction.
  • Supporton program and product measurement mechanism build and improvement.
  • Coordinatebaseline change request submit, validate, approve, implement and enhancement.
  • Leadbase of estimation (BOE) standardization.
  • Supportto explore and improve program and product management tool.
  • Otherprogram/product management related work.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelors’degree in Engineering or Science from an accredited university or college
  • Minimum3 years working experience with at least 1+ years' experience onprogram/project/product management
  • FluentEnglish in both written and speaking
  • Strongcommunication and influence skills
  • Proficientin using relevant software to organize, analyze and summarize data
  • Abilityto work effectively with cross functional team
  • Abilityto bring innovative ideas to optimize workflow/process

Qualifications Desired:

  • Oneyear experience in Avionics Industry.
  • Experienceof planning and analysis preferred.
  • AvionicsEngineering degree preferred
  • PDMA(ProductDevelopment Management Association) certification preferred
  • SCRUMcertification preferred
  • PMI(Project Management Institute) certification preferred
  • Masterdegree desired
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